Mayor and Council

(standing): Clay Kingsbery, Rob Swikart, Gary Casazza, John Conklin
(seated): Mark Rubin, Joseph Hemphill, Laura Atwell

The borough form of government was created in 1878 and modified by the Borough Act of 1987. There are approximately 218 municipalities using the borough form of government, which is supervised by a mayor and six council members, all of whom are elected at large. There are 37 boroughs in Monmouth County.

The Governing Body of the Borough of Rumson is made up by the Mayor and Council who are elected by the residents. There are six Council members who are currently made up of one woman and six men. The Mayor has a four-year term and the Council members have three-year terms.

Borough Council Regular meetings are held the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Charles S. Callman Hall Courtroom of the Memorial Borough Hall, 80 East River Road, Rumson, N.J.

Each year at the Reorganization Meeting, the Council adopts a resolution setting the order of business for each Council meeting.

Work sessions of the Borough Council may be held immediately following each regular meeting or on the first, third and fifth Tuesdays of each month as needed at 4:30 p.m. in the Courtroom.

Mayor and Council Term Expires
   Mayor Joseph K. Hemphill    December 31, 2019
   Laura R. Atwell    December 31, 2019
   Gary Casazza    December 31, 2020
   John J. Conklin, III    December 31, 2021
   J. Clayton Kingsbery    December 31, 2019
   Mark E. Rubin    December 31, 2021
   Robert Swikart    December 31, 2020
Borough Council President Expiration of Term
   Laura R. Atwell    December 31, 2019

The Mayor and Council members serve on the following Council Committees:

Council Committees
   Finance/Administration   Conklin Swikart, Kingsbery
   Police/Fire/EMS   Hemphill, Kingsbery, Conklin
   Public Works/Utilities/   Atwell, Rubin
   Public Buildings/Construction/Zoning/Engineering   Casazza, Hemphill
   Public Relations/Communications/Municipal Alliance   Atwell, Rubin
   Office of Emergency Management/Council Liason   Swikart, Hemphill
   Planning Board Representative   Rubin
   Planning Board Mayor's Alternate   Casazza
   Historic Preservation Commission   Atwell
   Parks/Recreation   Swikart, Atwell
   Affordable Housing Committee   Hemphill, Conklin, Casazza, (Tom Clark - PB)
   NJ Frames   Conklin, Casazza
   Navesink River Municipal Community Group   Conklin
   Endowment   Hemphill, Kingsbery

The first name indicates the Committee Chairman and the second name the Vice-Chairman. They hold meetings as needed in the Council Meeting Room on the 2nd floor of Borough Hall.

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