2020 Property Assessment Inspections

Dear Property Owner,

Properties in the area in the below map will be the next group of properties to be reinspected for assessment data collection purposes. The map below highlights the said area in blue. In addition to the properties in the blue area, some other properties that were not included in the 2019 inspection list will also be inspected. Inspections will be conducted over the next couple months between 9AM and dusk (Mon - Sat).

In the past, properties were only inspected periodically (when a revaluation was done). We now perform an in-house district-wide reassessment annually, removing the need for costly revaluations. To annually reassess, the law requires the municipality to inspect every property once every five to eight years. In accordance with the law, the Borough of Rumson has contracted Realty Data Systems (RDS) to perform the mandated inspections. Each year, a geographic section is chosen for the inspectors to verify property data. The purpose of the inspections are to gather proper information on each property so that the in house appraisal process (and resulting tax distribution) is fair and uniform.

Property owners in the selected section will be receiving a postcard in the coming weeks to notify them of the upcoming inspection. RDS will have a group of inspectors in the area verifying the interior and exterior data that the Assessor’s office has on file. The inspection consists of taking photographs (with a tablet), knocking on doors to inspect the interior with a homeowner or adult permission, walking the properties (including rear yards) to perform exterior inspection, as well as sketching the structures.

If there is no answer at the door, a door hanger explaining the purpose of the visit and instructions to contact the inspector for an appointment will be left on the door knob (or under a door mat if necessary). The inspector will then continue the exterior inspection, including entering the rear of the property. Inspectors will not go through locked gates, but will enter an unlocked gate/fence to access the rear of the property and verify the sketch of the structure. If the inspector does not gain access to the interior of your property, they will estimate the interior room counts and conditions.

All inspectors carry photo ID badges and wear high-visibility vests or jackets. The Assessor’s Office and Police Department have a full list of inspectors and their respective vehicle information.

Please note: The inspectors are not appraisers and are not appraising your home. The inspectors are simply data collectors and return the data to the Assessor’s Office where the reassessment process is done annually.

Any questions should be directed to the Assessor’s Office.

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Erick Aguiar, CTA

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