Updates on Progress
Piping Rock Park

Update: 10-5-2018

The Contractor has continued site preparations with the stripping and stockpiling of topsoil for reuse and initial stages of rough grading.

The Carton Street parking lot will be closed to public access on or about October 15th..

The East River Road parking lot will remain open to the public while the tennis courts are open (as a reminder overnight and all-day parking is prohibited).

Update: 9-27-2018

Removal of the existing park equipment is nearly complete. The contractor has installed soil erosion measures and temporary work zone fencing to close portions of the park.

Over the next few weeks, installation of the retaining walls, drainage system, and leveling the field areas will occur.

Please check back for project updates.

The Plan for Piping Rock Park

The Piping Rock Park plan incorporates many of the community suggestions made during the feedback sessions. A 180’ x 330’ multi-purpose natural grass playing field to accommodate soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, and practice football will be constructed on the western side of the park. The existing baseball/softball field will be rotated 45° and relocated approximately 60’ to the west to become a 46/60 baseball/softball field with a 250’ outfield, accommodating all user groups except the “Pony” League, which currently plays at Riverside Park.

The existing tennis courts will remain where they are, and the existing 9/11 Memorial near East River Road will remain in its current location. The KDM 911 Memorial will be relocated to align with the new baseball/softball field and will be prominently featured as you enter Piping Rock Park from Carton Street. While construction is underway, the memorial will be stored in the Department of Public Works building. A new playground will be installed on the west side of the tennis courts, just north of the current playground.

Walking paths will traverse the park connecting the East River Road, Carton Street and Forrest Avenue entrances. All the facilities, including walking paths, will meet current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.

The existing hedges on East River Road and vegetative buffer and fences between the Ridge Road properties are being preserved. The East River Road parking lot will be expanded to provide additional parking with ADA-compliant parking facilities. The Carton Street parking lot will be reconfigured to accommodate the new field layout. Traffic circulation will be changed to one-way to make for an overall safer environment.

Update: 9-24-2018

Selective tree trimming and removal started today along with some site clearing and equipment demolition. Selective site clearing will continue this week as weather permits.

As a reminder the park is closed while the construction project is underway. Temporary construction fencing will be installed to protect work areas from the public.

The tennis courts, East River Road parking lot, and 9/11 Memorial off East River Road will remain open while construction activity is focused in other areas of the park.