Borough of Rumson

Police Department

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TEL  732.842.3300

Rumson Borough Police Department

80 East River Road, Rumson, New Jersey 07760

Chief of Police
Scott A. Paterson

Jeffrey S. Nixon

Christopher J. York

24 Hours a Day

For Emergencies
Dial 9-1-1

Directions to Rumson Police Dept.

Our Mission

The mission of the Rumson Police Department is to protect and serve our community, to keep it safe, to prevent crime, and to build partnerships that enhance the quality of life in Rumson.


Reporting an Emergency
When dialing 9-1-1 or (732) 842-0500 to report an emergency, please stay on the line until the dispatcher advises you to hang up. The dispatcher will need specific information on your emergency to dispatch the appropriate response team and equipment swiftly.

Unfounded 911 Calls
A large percentage of 911 calls are unfounded. False alarms not only endanger the safety of the public and the officer responding to the call, they may also tie up the patrols needed to respond to an actual emergency. Additionally, they are costly to Borough taxpayers, as the Borough is charged for each 911 call.

Chief's Hours
Chief Scott Paterson's hours are weekdays from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and he may be reached at (732) 842-0500. Please feel free to call him during those hours. He is always happy to hear from our long time residents and to have the opportunity to get to know our new ones.

Prevent Burglaries
Always lock your doors and windows when your home is not occupied. Secure all valuables in a safety deposit box or keep those valuables safely hidden.  Most often when a burglary occurs, there is no forcible entry. Also, remember to lock all vehicles in your driveway and remove anything that someone would be tempted to take. You can't be too careful.

Home Security Surveys
Our crime prevention officers will be happy to conduct home security surveys at the request of our residents. The survey will inform you of proper lighting in your home, proper type of locks, maintenance of alarm systems, and any area that may be vulnerable to certain crimes. Please contact the Rumson Police Department at (732) 842-0500, and ask to speak with a Crime Prevention Officer.

Report any suspicious activity
All residents are urged to notify the Police Department at (732) 842-0500 of any suspicious activity suspicious persons, or suspicious vehicles immediately. Don't wait! Your alertness can assist Police Officers in keeping your neighborhood a safe place to live and will prevent crimes from taking place.

Never Disclose Personal Information
You should never give out personal information over the telephone or on the Internet. No information on family members, schools, workplace, or financial or credit card information should be revealed. It is also strongly recommended that parents monitor their children's (and teen's) computer activity. Numerous crimes against children begin through introductions on the Internet. Be alert and aware to protect yourselves and your family.

All alarm systems must be registered with the Rumson Police Department. Alarm Registration Applications may be picked up at the Rumson Police Headquarters at Borough Hall Lower Level Rear, 80 East River Road. Also, if you make any changes to your alarm system, please complete a new application and drop it off at headquarters to let us know of these changes.

Confidential Resident Information Forms
Your completion of a Confidential Resident Information Form allows Rumson Police to enter information into the police database. The form provides key information pertinent to your address in case of an emergency. We will have important contacts and an understanding of any special needs that exist right at our fingertips and be able to expedite the specific help that you will need. Forms are available at the Rumson Police Headquarters at Borough Hall Lower Level Rear, 80 East River Road.

Code Red is the Rumson Emergency Telephone Contact System acquired by the Borough of Rumson in 2008. It replaces the previous Reverse 911 system which Rumson shared with other municipalities. The new system is much more responsive to our residents' needs. All residents whose phone numbers were in the old system have already been entered into the new Code Red database. If you are not already in the system and would like to be contacted with emergency announcements, please come to the Rumson Police Headquarters at Borough Hall Lower Level Rear, 80 East River Road for an application, or use the Residential Update Link on the Code Red information page to enter your information directly into the database. Past notifications have included flooding advisories, scheduled power outages, and traffic notifications.

Nixle is a secure and certified communication platform for local police departments and municipalities to communicate important, neighborhood-level information to our residents using text messaging and email. It is similar to Twitter and Facebook but adds the security that is critical to ensure information received by users is trusted and accurate.

Rumson will only use this system to issue emergency alerts and advisories.

Please click on the secure Residential Registration link, below.

Click here to register with Nixle

Nixle will ask you to supply your own information and preferences, and the cell phone numbers and email addresses you wish to be included in the Nixle network. Joining Nixle enhances our ability to reach you with essential emergency information. Thank you.

You can read Rumson Police Nixle posts HERE.


Scott A. Paterson
Chief of Police

Jeffrey S. Nixon

Christopher J. York

Robert A. Boyer

Anthony E. Ciambrone

Christopher J. Isherwood
Sergeant, Detective

James E. Fenn, III
Senior Patrolman

Kevin F. Gaynor
Senior Patrolman

Donald E. Schneider
Senior Patrolman

Daniel J. Campanella
Senior Patrolman

Bryan P. Dougherty
Senior Patrolman

Richard M. Torres
Senior Patrolman

Cody T. Lovgren

Grace P. Maggiulli

Michael V. Berger

Special Officers

Donald Morse
Class II Special Officer/Dispatcher

Stephanie Lehner
Class II Special Officer/Dispatcher

Christopher Ibarra
Class II Special Officer/Dispatcher

Shannon McCurdy
Class I Special Officer/Dispatcher
Records Clerk

Robert A. Savoth
Class I Special Officer


Thomas Lonergan
Part-time Dispatcher

Timothy Funk
Part-time Dispatcher

Kayla Skelly
Part-time Dispatcher

Jacqueline Ferreira
Part-time Dispatcher

Nicholas Simons
Part-time Dispatcher

Public Info
Municipal Court
Public Works

80 East River Road Rumson NJ 07760 TEL 732.842.3300
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