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A Brief History of Rumson

Population: 7,122 (2010)
Area: 5.2 square miles

Auldwood Estate
Meadow Ridge Park
Red Men's Hall
Rumson and The First World War
Sheep's Run
Victory Park

Among the following are excerpts from “Town by Town, Impressions of Monmouth County”. A Publication from the Office Of The Monmouth County Clerk.

These insights into Rumson were contributed by George H. Moss, Jr., long-time Rumson resident, Rumson Borough Historian as well as the Monmouth County Historian.


Historic Rumson was settled in 1665, as a result of a land purchase from native Americans. The Lenni-Lenapé,a tribe within the larger tribe of the Delawares, lived on the Peninsula and named it Navarumsunk. Throughout the years that name was shortened and changed to Rumson. Rumson was officially incorporated as a Borough in 1907.

Rumson is situated on a picturesque peninsula overlooking the ocean. The Navesink and Shrewsbury Rivers bound it.

Blessed with this unique location and a natural beauty, the Rumson Peninsula was obviously an attractive site. Fortunately, it has retained much of that natural beauty.

Rumson in earlier times, was known by other names including Port Washington, Black Point, and Oceanic. Today the Borough of Rumson consists of 5.2 square miles. It contains 40 miles of roads including 133 streets and five county roads.

Bingham Hall, the Borough’s historic community center is used as a meeting place for various Borough activities, as well as for civic, charitable, and educational groups. In 2005 Bingham Hall was extensively renovated and restored, making it a true jewel of the Borough.


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