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Sandy Flood Analysis Building Height Worksheet
You can download this chart/worksheet that can be used to determine the relationship of new construction to the FEMA ABFE/BFE.

Assessment Information for Damaged Properties

Please note the tax abatement deadline has passed (Jan 10th) and there is nothing further the Assessor's Office can provide at this time.

Thank you,
Peter Barnett


Increased Cost of Compliance Coverage (ICC):
This document really helps define the process and protocols for submitting an ICC claim into your NFIP policy and the roles and responsibilities of various individuals in that process. Download it here.

Minimum Information Requirements to Elevate Residence
This document is a list of the information required to elevate your residence and a packet of examples from Rumson Borough. Download it here.

Substantial Improvement / Substantial Damage Desk Reference FEMA P-798:
If you believe your home has been substantially damage, you may request an appointment for the town Construction Official, Dennis Peras, to come and review your home to make that determination. Stop into the Construction office in Borough Hall to see Linda or Sabine to make that appointment. This document helps to understand how a resident's home would be determined as "Substantially Damaged". To download this document, you need to go to the specific "Resource File:" on the site to download either the whole book or by each chapter.

Publication from the IRS on how to document losses from a disaster for income tax deductions:
Download it here.

Handbook on legal issues related to Hurricane Sandy:
McCarter & English put this together for the state of NJ bar association to help Sandy victims. Download it here.

Background for Insurance Coverage for Superstorm Sandy Claims:
Download it here.

Mold Mitigation/Remediation Best Practice:
One question at the 12/6 town meeting included what are the best practices/resources for mold mitigation/remediation. The St. Bernard Project (www.stbernardproject.org) is an award-winning rebuilding, non-profit organization whose missions is to ensure that disaster-impacted communities recover in a prompt, efficient, and predictable way. They provided the SBP Mold Remediation document that provides a DIY protocol to manage the remediation process. The materials in the protocol can be found at Lowe's and Home Depot in what's called MoldSTAT Mold Remediation and Prevention Kit as one example of product available.


Monmouth County Hazard Mitigation Planning Information

The information concerning Monmouth County's Hazard Mitigation planning is available to view by clicking the following link:

Monmouth County Hazardous Mitigation Plan Revisions & Updates

FEMA Rebuilding Guides

Please find below some useful information regarding the ABFE maps and rebuilding smarter and safer.


Advisory Base Flood Elevations Available

To view the ABFE maps, user guides, and other helpful resources, visit www.region2coastal.com/sandy/abfe.

View additional FEMA ABFE Information here.

FEMA Disaster Recovery Center

Apply Online for FEMA Assistance at www.disasterassistance.gov
or Apply/Check your status by phone

Open 9am - 7pm Monday - Saturday

Henry Hudson Trail Activity Center
945 Highway 36
Leonardo 07737
Click here for more information on what DRCs can do for you.

Disaster Case Managers are available at no cost to help you: develop a recovery plan, find resources, obtain referrals, and provide one-on-one advice to help find solutions to resolve your unmet needs caused by the disaster, for more info, download this flyer.

Here is additional information from the
NJ Office of Emergency Management.

Rumson Sandy Group

Members of the Rumson Sandy Group email list receive updates regularly. These updates also appear here:

HMGP Grant Assistance RenewJersey Explanation

As you may know, the Governor’s Office has begun to announce information on the FEMA Gran..

Free Mediation Program for Sandy-Related Insurance Claims

The New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) has established a voluntary mediation..

FEMA Work Maps Released

The link to the FEMA Work Maps for your review is given below. These are the first maps to be d..

Flood Insurance Rate Helpline Available

Now that the preliminary Work Maps have been introduced for Monmouth, Hudson, Atlantic and Ocea..

DEP Waterway Debris Removal

This is the DEP's response to an inquiry for an estimated time frame of when the contractor for..

The Monmouth County Long Term Recovery Group

The Monmouth County Long Term Recovery Group website is now live. You can reach it through this..

Advisory Base Flood Elevation Map Comments

The following is a letter sent from the Rumson Borough Engineer regarding the FEMA ABFE Ma..

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Update

The Christie administration has announced their Community Development Block Grant Action P..

DEP Waterway Debris Removal; Borough Infrastructure Update

DEP Waterway Debris Removal Update The DEP site describing the Waterway debris removal pro..


Here are links to several local charitable organizations and how you can donate or seek funding from those organizations.

  • Foundation to Save the Jersey Shore, Inc.
    This foundation is now up and running and accepting donations. They are not fully endowed or ready to disburse any funds yet. They have not issued a process or protocol yet on how individuals can seek funding, I'll continue to request their response on how they plan to disburse funds and distribute that information as soon as it becomes available.
  • The Concert for Sandy Relief
    You cannot directly request aid for individuals on the 12.12.12 concert site. The producer of the 12.12.12 Concert is the Robin Hood Foundation. Robin Hood Foundation is a professional fund-raising organization that raises monies and then disburses to other local non-profits and makes those non-profits run through a check and balance process that makes sure the monies are being used effectively. Sounds bureaucratic, but actually, it works very well. The Robin Hood Foundation in making sure non-profits who are distributing the money directly to individuals are using it correctly and efficiently. And they are major fund-raisers with no overhead costs so the money gets to the community non-profits fast. So now you are thinking.... how does that help you? See next item...
  • Sea Bright Rising
    Sea Bright Rising is a recipient of the Robin Hood Foundation funding. Sea Bright Rising is helping Rumson & Sea Bright residents with rental assistance type needs, download their application at: http://seabrightrising.org/rental.htm. If you have a financial need for rental assistance they may be able to help. Complete their application and return to the borough hall in Sea Bright. They will quickly review and advise what they can do for you.
  • Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund
    This is the fund founded by First Lady Mary Pat Christie, who pledged to help individuals "fill the gap". I continue to seek from them how they plan to distribute funds including their process, protocol or application process. No reply yet. Will keep trying.


Borough Status Information and Safety Advisories

Storm Recovery Electrical Safety

NOTE: While you are waiting for power to be restored, please flip all main over-current protection devices (circuit breakers) to the "OFF" position. Since JCP&L will eventually be turning your power on, doing this will reduce potential fire risks.