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The images of the postcards shown on this site are from a souvenir from the Rumson Centennial 1907-2007 and are reproductions of five vintage postcards circa 1900-1910 from the collection of Rumson Borough Historian George H. Moss, Jr.

The postcards in the set depict the original Rumson Fire Company Firehouse, the original Oceanic Hook & Ladder Company No. 1 Firehouse, the original Rumson Country Club, a view facing west on Rumson Road on the easterly end (noted as Sea Bright, NJ on the postcard face and the Rumson Post Office (1908-1919) at the corner of Avenue of Two Rivers and Ridge Road adjoining Hintelmann’s Store. Reproductions of the original postcards were provided to the Borough of Rumson by Roy Press of Wanamassa, NJ.

References in parenthesis found in the Property Inventory are from the following published books:

(Rumson) ‐ Images of America: Rumson by Randall Gabrielan 1996

(Rumson Vol. II) ‐ Images of America: Rumson, Vol. II by Randall Gabrielan 1997

(Shaping a Superlative Suburb) ‐ The Making of America: Rumson, Shaping a Superlative Suburb by Randall Gabrielan 2003

History of Rumson1665-1944
Download PDF • 56.56MB

The book is a collection of historical information by the students of the Rumson Fair Haven Regional High School, interested citizens of the community, and the School Faculty under the leadership of Dr. Charles A. Walbach, Supervising Principal.

Download PDF • 28.39MB

Like the original edition in 1944, this three hundredth commemorative edition in 1965 is the result of the efforts of the citizens of the Borough of Rumson.

(Legendary Locals) ‐ Legendary Locals of Rumson by Roberta Van Anda 2015

Old Rumson Road Cemetery Book of the Dead
Download PDF • 7.78MB

Rumson Settlers Deed (1665)
Download PDF • 3.03MB

Here are links to additional resources:

  1. Destinations Past ‐ Historical Storytelling

    Site currently contains documentaries on Rumson Hill and Highland Beach (Sandy Hook)

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