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Affordable Housing Committee

The Affordable Housing Committee shall have the responsibility to assist in the development of a Borough-wide Affordable Housing Plan to help facilitate the development of affordable housing in the Borough of Rumson. The Committee will give advice on affordable housing development as part of the adopted Housing Plan element of the Master Plan and on applications for development. The Committee will also develop and implement educational materials to help promote affordable housing in the Borough.

The Affordable Housing Committee shall consist of the Mayor or his alternate, two Councilmembers and two Planning Board Members, all of whom will be appointed by the Mayor. It shall also include three members of the public, who are not members of other Borough Committees or Commissions. These three regular public members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the advice and consent of the Borough Council.

Select the above links for more information on the Rumson Affordable Housing Program. 

Affordable Housing Committee Members

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