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Raffle License Process

This application is for use by non-profit organizations that are registered with the Legalized Games of Chance Commission (a New Jersey State agency). These Raffle licenses must be approved by the Mayor and Council and the State before a license can be issued for the event. There are fees required by both the Borough and the State based on the type of raffle event being held. For more information visit the State of New Jersey Website.

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Filing shall be filed in quadruplicate with the Municipal Clerk and the Registration Certificate must be provided with each application.

The application must be filed at least seven (7) days prior to the Governing Body of the municipality making its findings and determination. (i.e. Borough Council meets on Monday evenings, so the application must be filed with the Borough Clerk no later than the Monday prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting.)

Following approval of Borough Council the Municipal Clerk files the application with Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (LGCCC) within three days of its approval. The Municipal Clerk may not issue the License for fourteen (14) days after its approval by the Governing Body. This means that organizations may not have tickets printed until at least 2 weeks after the approval of the Governing Body.

3. Contents of the Ticket: off-premises raffles (selling tickets prior to the date of the raffle). Whenever a licensee shall submit an application to the Municipal Clerk, two sample ticket forms must accompany the application.

  1. Name and identification number of the qualified organization and number of the license issued for the occasion

  2. Place where the occasion will be held and the date and time

  3. A list of the prizes and the retail value of each

  4. The number of the ticket

  5. Price of the ticket

  6. The purpose to which the entire net proceeds will be devoted

  7. The statement: "No substitution of the offered prize may be made and no cash will be given in lieu of the prize."

  8. The presence of the holder of a ticket shall not be required in order to win unless the ticket bears the statement "NOT VALID UNLESS HOLDER IS PRESENT AT THE DRAWING."

  9. The stub of each ticket shall bear the name and address of the holder, the number of the ticket, the raffle license number issued for the occasion and the identification number of the organization.

4. Off-premises 50/50 cash raffle
Same as above, except for item c. shall read the statement: "this is a 50/50 cash raffle and the winner will receive 50 percent of the amount received for all tickets or rights to participate."

If the prize pool is to be divided among multiple winners, the ticket must indicate the percentage of the prize pool that each winner will receive.

5. Fees due to LGCC and Borough of Rumson

  1. Off-premises raffle: $20.00 for each $1,000. or part thereof of the retail value of the prize. (i.e. a raffle with the total amount of the prizes being $2,559. Would pay both the LGCCC and the Borough $60.00.) Fees are due at the time the application is filed with the Municipal Clerk.

  2. Off-premises 50/50 raffles: $20.00 fee shall be paid the LGCC and $20.00 to the Borough at the time the application is filed. In the event that the awarded prize exceeds $1,000, then an additional fee of $20.00 per thousand or part thereof in value of the awarded prize shall be forwarded to LGCCC together with the Report of Raffles Operations.

  3. On-premises raffles: (a raffle conducted in which all tickets are sold only at the event and not prior to the event) $20.00 to both LGCCC and the Borough for each day a drawing is to be held.

Checks should be made payable to Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission and the Borough of Rumson.

6. Prohibited Prizes

  1. No licensee shall offer any prize of real estate or an interest therein, bonds, stocks, securities, weapons, live animals, personal or professional services, alcoholic beverages, foreign or domestic coins, or any merchandise refundable in any of the foregoing or in money or cash.

  2. No prize consisting of cash or money may be offered or awarded except in the case of a 50/50 raffle.

7. Report of Raffles Operations
The report of operations shall be on a form provided by the LGCCC. The report shall contain the following information:

  1. Gross receipts derived from each game;

  2. Expenses incurred or paid, to whom paid and a description of the merchandise purchased or the services rendered therefore;

  3. Net profit from each game and the uses to which the net profit has been or will be applied;

  4. A list of prizes offered or given and their respective values;

  5. The licensee shall file one copy of the report with the LGCCC no later than the 15th day of the calendar month immediately following the calendar month in which the licensed activity was held.

  6. Off-premises raffle licensees shall secure from the printer of tickets a certificate showing:

    1. The number of tickets printed

    2. The first and last numbers used

    3. That the tickets were consecutively numbered

    4. A sample of the actual ticket

For any additional information you may need, please contact the office of the Borough Clerk 732-842-3300 or Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission (973) 648-2710 or

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