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The Rumson Environmental Commission invites local businesses to join us in helping to protect our beautiful town by adopting at least five (5) sustainable practices from at least two (2) different categories to earn the Rumson Green Seal. By implementing “green” practices, your business can not only become more efficient and more profitable, but it can be a role model and leader in the community for ways to help protect our unique natural resources and provide a safe and healthy environment for both customers and employees.




Below is a suggested list of actions you can adopt or may already be doing to be more sustainable. We are open to hearing about other ways that you are “green” that might not be listed but would qualify under this program. Please contact to set up an appointment to begin this process and take steps to earn your Rumson Green Seal!


  • Set Annual Environmental Goals

Waste Reduction:

  • Offer Employees and/or Customers Reusable Items (e.g., Reusable Utensils and Other Kitchenware)

  • Offer Employees and/or Customer Alternatives to Single-use Containers (e.g., Filtered Tap Water Instead of Individual Bottled Water)

  • Cancel Unwanted Catalogs ( and Mailings

  • Install a Compost Bin for Food Scraps and/or Leaf and Garden Waste

  • Set Printer to Two-Sided Printing and Use Only Recycled Paper

  • Transition to Virtual Distribution of Materials to Reduce Reliance on Paper Products.

Water Conservation:

Energy Conservation

  • Invest in Energy Efficient Equipment and Appliances. Look for The ENERGYSTAR Symbol When Buying Office Equipment.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency of Lighting. Replace Incandescent Lighting with Energy Efficient Fluorescent Lighting and Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) Or Other Energy Efficient Lighting. Replace All T-12 Fluorescent Lighting with Energy Efficiency T-8 Or T-5 Fixtures, Install LED Exit Signs.

  • Install on-Site Renewable Energy System: NJ Clean Energy Program – Renewable Energy.

Community Building

  • Provide Safe Access and Accessible Programming to Serve Customers with Disabilities. Visit ADA for More Information

  • Support Community Initiatives: Participation or Sponsorship of Community Environmental or Social Projects or Events (Outreach to Citizen Groups, Schools, Etc.).

  • Adopt a Cause or Project in Your Community. Promote This Cause Through Advertising at Your Business and Through Social Media, Support the Cause by Organizing Volunteer Hours with Business Staff, And Offer Incentives to Employees and Customers for Supporting the Cause.



NJ Sustainable Business Registry

Businesses may also choose to become registered with the NJ Sustainable Business Registry. To do so, a business must complete the registration process which is self-explanatory, but more detailed than our local program described above.

To learn more, please visit

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