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Gone But Not Forgotten

The images shown here are older photographs that appeared on the Borough Newsletter over the years.

A description of each photo is presented below:

  • SEA BRIGHT'S IRON TOLL BRIDGE This, the second of five bridges to span the river between Rumson and Sea Bright, was in operation from 1881 to 1901. Four stately homes and two windmills can be seen at the left on Rumson's Bluff. Bridge traffic was hardly a problem even on this pleasant afternoon in 1885.

  • The dedicated volunteers or the Rumson Fire Department photographed at the Rumson Borough Hall parking lot, winter, 1948. Mayor J. Edward Wilson is pictured standing to the left of Fire Chief Henry E, Soden (white hat) and Assistant Chief Peter Pauels.

  • The former Oceanic Free Library building (built in 1921 from plans drawn by the firm of Carrere & Hastings) was a memorial to William Henry Meeker who, as a member of the Lafayette Flying Corps, died in France in 1917. For almost 25 years this building (greatly enlarged) has been the Rumson Office of the Central Jersey Bank and Trust Company.

  • In the "good old days" traffic was not a problem. This more than ninety year old view of the previous Oceanic bridge portrays a rather lonely view of both the Bridge and Navesink River. Neither automobile traffic or boat traffic were as hazardous as they are today. The future was yet to be.

  • North Beach - Sea Bright, Circa 1895. The Patton Line sidewheeler ELBERON, Pleasure Bay bound, passing the Shrewsbury and Normandie Hotels on the run between New York and Long Branch. the site of these two hotels is almost opposite the spot where the sea wall is currently under repair. On the horizon a three masted schooner sails silently past the Jersey Coast.

  • Before the tennis courts or recreation utilization were ever dreamed of, this mansion and working nursery occupied the site of Piping Rock Park. Once the estate of Rumson's first mayor, Frank McMahon, it was converted into a popular restaurant, Peter's Piping Rock, in the mid 1940’s. In the 1960’s, matching funds from a Green Acres grant enabled the Rumson Borough Council to create Piping Rock Park. The Keith McHeffey Foundation is renovating the athletic field at the park as a memorial to the local residents lost in the 9/11 tragedy.

  • The Old Lafayette Street School (K thru 6). Situated on what is now Rogers Park. The building was demolished circa 1959. View from Church Street.

  • The Bernon S. Prentice home on the corner of Ward Avenue and Rumson Road (1891) - Holy Cross Church at Left. The Prentice home, purchased by Holy Cross Church, became both a convent and school between 1941 and 1953 - in 1953 and 1962 two building programs resulted in the present school building and a new convent. The prentice home was torn down in 1963.

  • A busy moment (around 1902) at the corner of Allen Street and River Road. The two trolleys are just in front of Harry H. Stryker's store. Stryker, a watchmaker by trade, was Postmaster and the Post Office was located in his establishment.

  • McCarter Bridge

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