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Lafayette Street Area Improvement Plan

Lafayette Street (Narumsunk Street to Hunt Street): The Borough proposes the installation of new concrete curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons, and ADA accessible curb ramps. This will generally replace what exists today. Once the concrete improvements are complete, paving of the street can occur.

Some trees may be impacted by the proposed construction of the new curbs and sidewalks. We retained an arborist to evaluate the trees, and have incorporated his recommendations into the design plans. As the work advances, we will continue to evaluate the ability to retain trees along the street. Similar to the Washington Street project completed a couple years ago, the Borough will offer a new street tree as recommended by our Borough Shade Tree Commission to all property owners within the project area, whether you had a tree or not. The new trees will be acquired and planted through a separate contract from the road improvement contract. New trees will be planted behind the sidewalk to reduce future root impacts to the new concrete.

Alongside Victory Park on Lafayette Street, the Borough proposes to extend the angled parking north towards Hunt Street. The existing curb and sidewalk will be realigned to accommodate the new parking. In coordination with the Rumson Police Department, we are proposing a one-way traffic circulation on Lafayette Street in a northern direction from W. River Road to Hunt Street. Hunt Street will also be made one-way circulation from Lafayette Street east to Washington Street.

Hunt Street (Lafayette Street to Washington Street): In addition to the traffic circulation changes, the Borough proposes the installation of new curbs on both sides of the street and the installation of sidewalk along the north side of Hunt Street. After the concrete work is complete, Hunt Street will be paved.

Narumsunk Street (Somerset to Bingham Avenue): The Borough proposes to extend existing drainage piping from Washington Street west to Lafayette Street. The Borough also proposes the installation of concrete curbing on both sides of Narumsunk Street with sidewalks on the north side of the road connecting Allen Street to Bingham Avenue. The paving limits will extend around the island at Somerset and connect to paving recently completed on Oak Lane and near future paving on North Cherry Lane.


June 20, 2019

Construction on the 2018 Road Improvement Program – Phase III: Lafayette Street Area Improvements will be starting soon. The Borough is in the process of soliciting bids and will be awarding a contract for construction in the coming weeks, with construction anticipated to begin in early August.

The work will be very similar to the improvements recently completed on Washington Street. A general scope of work for each street is provided above. To view the plans and to find answers to questions related to overall improvements and specific impacts in front of your property, the Borough will be hosting an:

Open House Information Session Bingham Hall Thursday, June 27, 2019 From 5pm to 8pm with personnel available to answer questions. There is no formal presentation planned.

If you are unable to attend the open house session, please contact David Marks, our Borough Engineer with your specific questions or to set an appointment to review the plans. Mr. Marks may be reached at (732) 842-3300 or via email at

In the event you are planning a large scale home or property improvement project, or small project requiring a road opening (i.e. - conversion from oil to natural gas) please advise Mr. Marks so that you may discuss the scope of your project as it relates to road openings and construction sequencing.

Updates and additional information related to this project will be made available on this project page.

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