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Police Department Recognition

March 28, 2023

Rumson Mayor and Borough Council held a special meeting on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in the Charles S. Callman Courthouse at Rumson Borough Hall to recognize the men and women of the Rumson Police Department that where hired and promoted during the height of the COVID-19 health emergency.

Rumson Mayor Joseph K. Hemphill began the meeting’s only scheduled order of business by inviting Rumson Police Department, Captain Jeffrey Nixon, to join him at the podium.

With the Rumson Police Department officers, members of the Rumson EMS and Rumson Fire Departments, Rumson school district officials, and friends and families in attendance, Mayor Hemphill recognized the Special Class III officers of the Rumson Police Department: Dawn Shields, Anthony Ciambrone, Michael Lahey, and Kevin Lovgren. As members of the force, Special Class III officers spend their active time in the Borough’s public schools.

The meeting continued with the recognition of the Rumson Police Department patrolmen that were hired during the pandemic.

“In the past, when we hired a new police officer, we would require them to come to a Council Meeting, similar to this one, so they could be recognized for the role they will play in our community over the next 25 or 30 years, as a member of the Rumson Police Department,” Mayor Hemphill said. “In addition to attendance by the Borough Council members you see before you, as well as past or present Officers of the Rumson Police Department, this was a time for a new officer’s family to join in and witness them being recognized for the extraordinarily important role they will now play for the residents and guests of the Borough of Rumson.”

Mayor Hemphill then administered the oath of office for Joseph Strohmenger, Troy Malone, Brooke Costa, James Camilleri, and Timothy Lackner as new patrol officers in the Rumson Police Department.

The ceremony concluded with the swearing in of the Rumson Police officers promoted to command positions during the COVID health emergency.

“Similar to new hires, we have always recognized promotions within the Rumson Police Department,” Mayor Hemphill said. “Since 2020, we have certainly had a few. The senior officers we will recognize today have been promoted to the ranks of Captain, Lieutenant, and Sergeant.”

The oath of office was then administered for Christopher J. York as Captain, Robert Boyer as Lieutenant, Daniel Campanella as Sergeant, Bryan Dougherty as Sergeant, and Richard Torres as Sergeant.

Captain Nixon expressed his appreciation for the Borough Council's recognition of the officers, the efforts of the volunteer EMS and Fire Department forces of the Borough, and the support of the families of the Rumson Police Department officers. He then thanked the men and women of the Rumson Police Department for their service, dedication, and commitment to the Borough and its residents.

The ceremony concluded with comments from Rumson Borough Council President, John J. Conklin III who expressed his personal and the Borough Council’s collective appreciation for the Rumson Police Department, Rumson EMS and Rumson Fire Department.

“I feel confident knowing that the community and residents of Rumson are in good hands with the men and women of the Rumson Police Department,” Conklin said.

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