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2024 Road Improvement Program

North Street, West Street and Bruch Place

The Governing Body awarded a contract to Lancha Construction for the 2024 Road Program.  Lancha Construction has successfully completed a number of similar projects for the Borough including the improvements to East River Road, West River Road, and Lafayette Street to name few.  Work will begin after Rumson Schools close for summer and will be complete prior to schools reopening in September.


The project will consist of the replacement of concrete curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons and the milling and paving of North St, West St, and Bruce Pl.  The newly installed sidewalks will meet current Americans with Disability (ADA) guidelines which may require some deviation from what exists today. Impacts to driveways and lawn areas behind the sidewalk disturbed by the construction will be restored by Lancha Construction.


To promote public safety during the project, the roads will be closed daily to vehicular traffic while construction is active.  This is due to the relative narrowness of the streets and extensive scope of construction activities.  Parking can be accommodated on nearby side streets and potentially the Forestdale School Parking Lot.  The logistics with the Rumson Board of Education are still being coordinated.  It should be noted, construction activity will only be on one street at a time, expect for final paving which may have staggered activity (milling, paving, finish rolling) across multiple streets to efficiently complete the work in the most expeditious manner.

Resident Notice Upcoming Project 2024 Road Program
Download PDF • 322KB


The Borough of Rumson was award a New Jersey Department of Transportation Local Aid Grant which funds the majority of the proposed improvements to this year’s road program. 

2024 Road Project -Construction Site Plan
Download PDF • 107.14MB

2024 Road Improvement Program FAQ

1. What streets are included in the Road Improvement Program?

This year’s Road Program will consist of improvements to North Street, West Street and Bruce Place between East River Road and Forrest Avenue.

2. What is the proposed scope of work?

Most of the streets will receive new concrete curbs, sidewalks, driveway aprons and necessary lawn restoration behind the newly concrete improvements. Where sidewalk currently exists, it will be replaced to meet American with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements. Once the concrete improvements are complete, the road will be milled and paved. Restoration to driveways and lawns are typically completed immediately before the roadway paving. Detailed project information is available on the construction plans.

3. What company was awarded the construction contract?

The Governing Body awarded a contract to Lancha Construction at the Regular Meeting of the Mayor and Council on May 14, 2024. Lancha Construction was the lowest cost, most responsive bidder out of all the sealed bids received by the Borough for the project. Lancha Construction has successfully completed prior roadway

projects with the Borough.

4. Will a representative of the Borough be present during construction?

The Borough’s Engineering Department will be present during construction. Throughout the project, our Superintendent of Public Works will also periodically be on-site.

5. What is the project start date?

It is expected to start shortly after school closes for the Summer 2024. As a specific start date is established, updates will be posted.

6. What is the project duration?

The entirety of the project is contracted for 2 months, but due to inclement weather, unanticipated field conditions, or expansion of the project scope additional time may be warranted.

7. What are the working hours?

The working hours for the project will be Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, with some exceptions due to unforeseen conditions. The Contractor may arrive to the job earlier than 7:00 am, but should not be operating equipment. If this is a frequent occurrence, please contact Brett Hunger (Project Manager) or David Marks (Borough Engineer).

8. Will the street be open during construction?

The streets will be closed to through traffic while work is underway. We ask that you avoid the active work areas to the greatest extent feasible. Access to your home will generally be restored by the end of the work day. Parking should be accommodated on nearby streets.

9. What is the daily impact to my property?

The daily impact to your property should be minimal. While new curbs and sidewalks are being installed immediately in front of your home or the adjacent property, access will be temporarily restricted to allow for the work. Access to your driveway will be restricted for 3 to 5 days to allow for the concrete to fully cure. Please park in your driveway when possible or on the street outside of the work area limits.

10. My sprinklers were damaged, what should I do?

If your sprinkler system is damaged during the construction process, please either contact a supervisor from the Construction Company, or contact Brett Hunger (Project Manager) or David Marks (Borough Engineer). Per the contract, the Construction Company is required to repair all damages at their expense. Please afford the Construction Company the first opportunity to make the necessary repairs. To reduce the extent of sprinkler damages, please mark your sprinkler heads if they are within 3 feet of the curb

or road edge when construction activity approaches your property. The markers will get displaced by lawn care contractors if you locate the sprinkler heads too soon.

11. Will my driveway be impacted by the construction?

The end of your driveway that meets the back of sidewalk will likely be impacted by the construction of new sidewalks. The Contractor will repair the driveway with like materials and finishes to the greatest extent possible. We do not seal coat asphalt driveways. The extent of how far back a driveway is repaired is a function of driveway material type and grading to maintain positive drainage flow.

12. Is it my responsibility to restore my lawn behind the sidewalk or between the curb and sidewalk?

No, the contract with the Contractor includes the restoration of lawn behind the sidewalk and between the curb and sidewalk. We ask that you please water the restored lawn areas regularly or as needed until it is established. Neither the Borough nor Contractor will be responsible to replace lawn that is not adequately cared for.

13. I would like my entire driveway or sidewalk to my home replaced. Can the Borough’s Contractor complete that work?

Yes, the Borough’s Contractor can be hired to complete work on your private property. That work would need to be contracted directly between you and the Contractor. The Borough should be made aware of the proposed work, but the property owner is fully responsible for payment and oversight.

14. Who should I contact with additional questions:

Brett Hunger

Project Manager


David Marks

Rumson Borough Engineer


15. In case of emergency, please contact Rumson Police Department at (732) 842-0500

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