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Shrewsbury River Waterway Navigational Channel - Temporary Width Reduction

Updated: May 23, 2023

As of early July 2022, the Contractor began bridge replacement activity in the Shrewsbury River. Temporary access trestles have been built on each side of the river, which the Contractor will use to construct the new bridge to the south of the existing bridge.

As of September 19, 2022, the Contractor began constructing two temporary cofferdams, one adjacent to each trestle, which will reduce the navigational channel from 75’ to 65’ in width.

  • The 65’ navigational channel continues to be open to mariners.

  • The bridge operator will continue to instruct vessels during the period when the channel is reduced by 10’ in width.

  • The existing bridge will continue to be open to vehicles and pedestrians.

In approximately 12 months (Summer/Fall 2023), the Contractor will remove the cofferdams and restore the navigational channel from 65’ to 75’ in width.

  • The restored 75’ navigational channel will continue to be open

  • The bridge operator will instruct vessels, as is currently done, when there are scheduledbridge openings.

  • The existing bridge will continue to be open to vehicles and pedestrians.

Subsequently, a 6-to-8-day full channel closure will be required in late Fall 2023 or Winter 2024 for installation of the new drawbridge span. After the full closure, there will be a shortterm restriction to half the channel width. Once traffic shifts to the newly constructed bridge, the old bridge will be closed for demolition. The access trestles to the south side of the bridge will be removed, and temporary access trestles will be constructed to the north for removal of the old bridge. The demolition work is estimated to occur in the later part of 2024. A separate public notice will be provided in the future to inform mariners and the public.

Please note - if any temporary disruption of access through the navigational channel occurs, the information will be posted to the project website Travel Advisory page (

There is also a link to the USCG Local Notice to Mariners under Useful Links, found in the upper right corner on the project website home page (

Questions or comments can be submitted to:

  • Monmouth County Project Manager by e-mail to or by selecting the Contact Us tab on the project website (, or

  • USCG via e-mail to

Regards, Rumson-Sea Bright Bridge S-32 Project Team

Contact Information: Joseph M. Ettore, P.E. County Engineer Andrés Roda, P.E. County Project Manager Monmouth County Division of Engineering Hall of Records Annex, 1 East Main Street Freehold, NJ 07728 732-431-7760

Please direct inquiries to Denis Walsh, P.E., Monmouth County Principal Engineer at (732) 431-7760, ext. 8550.

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